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Strategic Alliance Partnership

5 Steps to a successful Strategic Alliance Partnership

1. Intro Meeting with SAP Professional

2. Discovery Meeting to Coordinate best integration method into your practice

3. Sign Strategic Alliance Partnership Agreement

4. Refer First Client

5. Earn % of Revenue Generated by your SAP from mutual client

The legal process of a divorce is immensely difficult.  You're an expert at guiding clients through this process; helping them settle financial, emotional, and legal aspects of a divorce.  


We're experts in helping clients rebuild.  Through Financial Life Planning, we take a holistic, life-goals approach to help clients tackle the next chapter in their life. 


With a strategic alliance your income doesn't have to end after the legal work is done.  With the right partnership and the right clients, we can work together to develop mutual clients whom are served with the highest degree of integrity, honestly, and compassion. 


The best part for you, the Family Law attorney, you can grow a recurring revenue stream for your practice.

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