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Mission to Uganda

Rise Advisor, Jeff Speers on mission to Uganda with just 4 others continuing service to a community program first initiated almost 15 years ago.

Mission to Uganda

The team concluded a successful mission in the village of Mpongo, continuing a mission planted 15 years ago.

The team's primary objectives during this trip were to assess the effectiveness of the programs in place and identify any areas that require improvement.

The team focused on:

School Lunch Program, to feed every child who attends school a meal each day.

Hygiene and Sanitation Initiative, analyze the effectiveness of the water sanitation programs.

Cornmeal, assess whether the gas powered stone mill can grind local corn reducing the need to leave or trade outside the village.

Coffee Co Op, explore how the village can better grow and harvest their crop for a higher return when it is sold to market.

Jeff and team reported great results from time with local leaders both in business meetings and in visits to the local village.

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