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Josh Elmore, CFP® | CKA®

Director of Wealth Management
Financial Advisor

Sarasota, FL

Bio Highlights:

Things I Enjoy:

  • Cooking healthy and delicious food

  • Christian Theology & Apologetics

  • Playing Sports (Golf | Pickleball | Basketball | Softball)

  • Date nights with my wife, Mary

About Financial Practice

Practice Partners: Jeff Speers, RICP®

As a CFP Advisor, we cover the core areas of financial planning in our process, like: Cash flow, insurance, retirement, tax, investments, and estate planning.  Our approach is simple, we start by asking foundational questions such as:

  1. Where are you now?

  2. Where are you going?

  3. How can we help you get there?

Our desire is to help you gain clarity & confidence over your financial picture.  We value the work it requires to run a successful business and/or raise a successful family, so our goal is to equip and empower you to spend more time focused on the important things like your business, family, and community, without leaving you to wonder if you have the right wealth strategies in place.

Areas emphasized in working with Josh @ Rise Financial Partners: Business succession, retirement income planning, retirement risk reduction, strategies to reduce taxes, and private investment management.


Licenses | Designations


Series 66 | Series 7 (Inactive) | Life Insurance License (FL & IL)

Josh's Areas of Focus

Small Business Owners

  • Succession Planning

  • SBA Loan Guidance

  • Family Financial Planning

  • 401(k)'s, Solo 401(k)'s, SEP IRA's

Individuals & Families

  • Life Financial Planning

  • Retirement Projections

  • Wealth Accumulation and Investment Management

  • Insurance Planning

Divorce & Life Change Clients

  • Compassionate Financial Planning for recently Divorced

  • Career Change Guidance

  • "Sudden Wealth" & Inheritance Planning

Articles Published by Josh


As a Chicagoland native, Josh is now a transplant to Sarasota, FL with his wife, Mary. While he misses much about home (mainly the people and the pizza), he wouldn't trade the move to the sunny (and FREE) state of Florida. 

In his spare time, Josh enjoys beach days with his wife, spending time with his niece and nephews, listening to theology podcasts, and playing pretty much any sport involving a ball that isn't soccer. In fact, he was a collegiate lacrosse captain and also spent 5 years coaching lacrosse after his playing days were over. Josh's claim to club lacrosse fame is that he finished atop of the MCLA DII in assists in his junior year season. It was this team mentality that drew him to Rise Financial Partners in pursuit of a much bigger vision and mission than he could accomplish on his own. Josh is an active attendee of the 360 Church in Sarasota, FL. He participates in the church's discipleship program as well as a men's small group.  He also occasionally writes for a passion project, which is a Christian theology podcast called On The Vine.

How Josh Got to Rise:

After working for a Fortune 500 Financial Firm for 6 years, Josh grew frustrated at the "in-the-box" thinking of the big bank firms.  He broke away to independence to launch his own small advisory practice called, Plan Wealth Creative.  This platform gave Josh the opportunity to tell his story the way he wanted to, ultimately aligning his financial practice more with his values and those of his clients, doing away with the pervasive agenda of a big corporate firm.  After a few years of running his own practice, Josh knew it was time to find others that shared his values, and valued their clients the same way Josh valued his.  That's when he connected with local Financial Advisor, Thomas Hlohinec.

Josh, inspired by Thomas' dedication to his faith and community, asked Thomas to meet for breakfast.  The two got to talking and the synergy between them became clear. The two shared a similar vision & mission for how to cultivate a client-centric, purpose-driven advisory firm.  After forming a great friendship, the two agreed to join forces and Josh left his own brand identity behind for that of Rise Financial Partners where he joined as a Financial Advisor and the firm's Director of Wealth Management.



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Speaking Requests

Josh speaks on several topics like Wealth Management, Financial Education, and the Christian Faith & Finance.

Wealth and Worldview is a presentation that, through light humor, personal testimony, and a biblical framework, applies principles of faith to engage and encourage Christians to think deeply about how their life integrates with their worldview.


Suggested areas for speaking requests:

Church Events & Workshops | Small Groups | Advisory Firms | College Classroom

Josh Speaking
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