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Business Owners

The Rise team helps business owners in a variety of ways.  We're entrepreneurs who understand that running a business is complex and it requires a lot of time and effort.  Our Advisors help reduce the clutter for business owners, clarify and quantify goals with their business or personal financial goals for retirement, cash-flow, business sale or succession, and deliver objective, tailored recommendations for our business owner clients.

Succession Planning

Selling your business requires some planning.  There are tax implications, valuation considerations, and timing considerations to make. We can guide you a fruitful sale and become your wealth managers during and after the sale as well.

Business Consulting

Whether you're rebranding, struggling to bring a prodcut to market, or raise capital, our expert business consultants can help you and your business.  We can serve your business for a defined period of time so you don't have to hire a full or part time employee.


We can help you with 401(k)'s, SEP IRA's, and employee benefits.

Does your company retirement plan need a second look?

Do you need help seeing your financial picture as a business owner? We can help!

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